ECO360® sustainable desks get a new lease of life at local youth project

ECO360® multi-functional office desks are designed to be 100% recyclable and present an easy method of reducing waste-to-landfill for project offices and other similar temporary office environments.

Re-use before recycling…

Due to the robust structure of ECO360®, there’s plenty of life left in them when their primary use has come to an end, so where possible, TCi furniture WORKS looks to the wider community for opportunities to reassign desks before they are finally submitted for cardboard recycling.

Recent engagement with DYS Space Ltd at Bideford Youth Centre provided an opportunity for a group of young people to not only gain some valuable working space, but also to build and take ownership of their own furniture. Due to its cardboard construction and white clay-coated finish, ECO360® desks represent a large, blank canvas, perfect for applying your own artwork and designs. The young people chose to go all-out with a striking design, identifying the desks as workstations in their art room facility.

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“The young people had a lot of fun assembling and painting the desks and will get a lot of use out of them as art tables. Encouraging this type of involvement with the furniture encourages them to take ownership of the property and treat it with greater respect. This is a great example of sustainability and corporate social engagement with multiple benefits.” Said Andy Branston, Senior Youth Support Worker in Charge

Ben Gibbs, Marketing Manager for TCi (GB) Ltd said; “By re-allocating ECO360® desks, we not only provide a benefit to the community in terms of cost and involvement, but we take two important steps up the waste hierarchy. Firstly, we are able to re-use a product before it is disposed of at a material level, but we are also able to reduce the need for new desks on projects that otherwise may have been purchased.”


Once the desks have finished their useful life at the youth centre, they can be easily recycled through existing services.

TCi is working with DYS Space Ltd and other community projects to find ways to re-use more furniture before it reaches the recycling process as part of efforts to reach zero waste-to-landfill and maximise the material economy.

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