FurnitureCycle Asset Management Scheme

Re-use and recycling for office and site furniture

TCi provides a workspace furniture design, delivery and installation service, often within complex temporary environments such as construction site accommodation. Frequently, the issue of disposal poses a serious logistical and environmental challenge, prompting TCi to develop an industry-specific asset management programme.

By removing, refurbishing and storing your used furniture for redeployment at your next project site, Furniturecycle delivers economic and environmental savings, reducing waste-to-landfill and embodied carbon

The programme has developed alongside ECO360® carbon-zero, fully recyclable desk as a two-pronged approach to sustainability in order to offer clients the option of either disposable or reusable furniture.

How it works:

  1. Furniture is supplied and installed at site.
  2. At the end of the project, furniture is removed and returned to a refurbishment and storage facility.
  3. Used products are graded before storage, with two levels of acceptable product (A/B grade) and a third (C grade) requiring refurbishment/maintenance to return to A/B quality.
  4. An online portal enables the client to access real-time stock information which can be called-off for installation at the next site setup.

With a unique understanding of construction industry requirements, a design team is on hand to provide expert space planning to maximising capacity and layout. Furniture assets are then called off, delivered and installed by qualified professionals.

A bespoke service for our clients

FurnitureCycle is designed to be as flexible as possible, working with a range of individual requirements. The team at TCi has a wealth of experience in office moves, product-matching and logistics, operating throughout the UK and across Europe. Speak to the team today to discuss your requirements.

Check out some examples of where we have been able to save tonnes of CO2e: