TCi (GB) Ltd is a tier 1 contractor to Hinkley Point C

Expected to become Europe’s largest building project in 2017, Hinkley Point C (HPC) will host in excess of 5000 workers during its construction. In 2016, TCi (GB) Ltd entered and won the competitive bidding process to become a tier 1 contractor for office and welfare furniture.

From the outset, partnership and close working relationships have been key to the success of both the acquisition and delivery of the contract. Supply chain risk management, project phasing and product vesting have been essential to the on-going trouble-free completion of tasks, all achieved through constant communication with manufacturers and the client.

As a direct result of the collaborative approach and excellent results demonstrated by TCi (GB) Ltd, several out-of-scope projects have been awarded, including the complete refurbishment and fit-out of the EDF induction centre in Bridgewater, where a proactive vision helped shape the building design process to ensure that use of space was optimised and flexible.

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