What happens to your furniture?

A culture of ‘fast furniture’ has made cheap, insubstantial, and disposable products standard. This has created infinite buying cycles in the furniture industry, with each cycle having a detrimental effect on our environment. Carbon is produced throughout the entire process of furniture production. Starting with acquiring the materials, then to constructing, transporting, and finally disposing.

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Lockers or baskets?

Using a wire mesh hanging basket system represents an efficient alternative to traditional lockers. Instead of having static lockers in large ranks with benches in between and the inherent inefficiencies of dead space within a changing room, the hanging basket system separates the storage and changing areas. Whilst standard lockers are self-service, they also present

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Comfortable and attractive office facility for teamwork and productivity

The open-plan office environment is surrounded by collaborative space, meeting rooms and a central, full-height atrium. The offices benefit from natural light enhanced by the expansive use of glass to the front and rear of the building, coupled with glass interior partitions. The first floor is accessed by a staircase with natural wood décor features

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