Premier furniture installation sets site accommodation standards at prestigious development

Reflecting the high-specification residential construction project, TCi furniture WORKS was engaged to specify and install welfare and office furniture across two modular buildings in two phases.

TCi undertook a comprehensive space-planning process to develop and illustrate the range of practical and aesthetic options available to accommodate the c.750 onsite workforce.

3D renders and a walkthrough were provided along with detailed plans during the proposal process, ensuring all parties could be considered within the decision-making process.

Capacity changing room
Seat canteen

Maximised value and space-saving was achieved by using a mesh-basket system, instead of traditional, individual mesh lockers. This has doubled changing room capacity across 5 modular bays from 320 to 640 operatives.

Find out more about the mesh basket system HERE.

A large open-plan canteen makes use of ergonomic, composite seating and rectangular tables, with pigeon-hole storage to keep bags and PPE out of gangways, ensuring a safe environment.

For the office facilities, an attractive layout features banks of dark oak, bench desk systems with matching pedestals and storage cupboards. Fabric dividing screens were chosen in a muted green to reflect the project branding. Breakout areas within the office feature the same colour scheme, including dark oak poseur tables and smartly upholstered, green booths. Informal partitions are provided by a striking, cubic framework system adorned with green plants.

For the first phase of installation, furniture was installed within a nearby redundant retail unit. TCi then managed a relocation into the modular buildings, once they had been installed within the site. The final office move and installation process was successfully carried out over 10 days, despite the scale and complexity of the operation.

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