Lockers or baskets?

Using a wire mesh hanging basket system represents an efficient alternative to traditional lockers.

Instead of having static lockers in large ranks with benches in between and the inherent inefficiencies of dead space within a changing room, the hanging basket system separates the storage and changing areas.

Whilst standard lockers are self-service, they also present challenges for cleaning along with the inherent problems when units are left locked with abandoned, “ghost PPE”.

Numbered baskets are handed to an attendant in a ‘cloakroom’ arrangement and returned via the numbering system. Operatives can get changed at block benches, whilst hanging clothes on the basket frame. The block bench system is easy to clean and provides flexibility and capacity for large groups.


System features:

  • Numbered security
  • Rust resistant
  • Flexible layout options
  • Bespoke frame size to suit ceiling height

Space saving design

Standard Double Frame 3000mm x 1000mm   (40no Baskets) compared to 27no Standard Lockers in the same space

  • Operated system with Attendant
  • No padlocked lockers with no keys!
  • Approved by major UK Contractors
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