Bankside Yards project team office

Multiplex engaged TCi to provide a sustainable and Covid-secure workspace

The main contractor is already well underway with the 130,000m2 development on Blackfriars Road, following the demolition of Ludgate House, which is to provide nine buildings including a 53 storey tower. When complete, it will comprise 341 new homes, cultural and workspace, public space and a 5 star hotel.

Initially proposed as a modular site building, the early establishment of an office for the main project team was diverted into permanent buildings local to the Bankside Yards site that had become available to the Multiplex team.

TCi quickly revised plans and came up with a design proposal to meet requirements. With sustainability very much at the heart of the process, the layout incorporated 35 ECO360® cardboard desks, accompanied by a schedule of re-used furniture items belonging to the client which had been removed and stored by TCi from a previous site.

To ensure staff are able to work in safety, acrylic screens were supplied for installation between each workstation, creating an enclosed ‘booth’ whilst maintaining visibility.

“The office looks great!”

The installation has resulted in a well-appointed and attractive ground-floor office, with a light and airy feel and views of the Tate Modern gallery.

Reuse and recycle – sustainability in practice

By adopting a design featuring innovative and re-used products, Multiplex has saved waste-to-landfill, embodied carbon and cost!


ECO360® Cardboard Desks


Reused/recycled items


kg CO2e saved*

*Based on CO2e figures obtained from FIRA Carbon Footprinting Document 2011

Carbon offset delivery


As standard, TCi has offset the CO2 of ECO360® delivery via a UK tree planting scheme, helping to improve woodland habitat at the same time!

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