Lockers & welfare equipment at Yorkshire mining site

TCi furniture WORKS has supplied Strabag SE over several phases as their role has expanded

The Swedish contractor has undertaken a growing capacity on the Sirius Minerals polyhalite mining project in North Yorkshire. TCi has been on hand to supply furniture products and equipment for staff accommodation quickly and efficiently.

Originally contracted to create a 13km tunnel, the specialist contractor is now set to provide a 37km tunnel and conveyor system to transport the mined minerals to the handling facility and harbour in the Tees valley.

Business development manager Shaun Hastings says; “This phase of welfare has seen us now deliver more than 200 nests of lockers and over 50 cloakroom benches to contractor Strabag over the past 12 months.

The project, which tunnels under the North Yorkshire Moors to reach large deposits of Polyhalite mineral has been designed to have minimal impact on the protected area, whilst delivering a product that will be used sustainably as a crop fertiliser.

According to parent company, Anglo American Group’s website, the “state-of-the-art mine is being constructed two miles south of Whitby in the North York Moors National Park.”

“Polyhalite ore will be extracted via two mine shafts and transported outside of the National Park to Teesside on a conveyer belt system in an underground tunnel, avoiding any impact on the countryside above. It will then be granulated at a materials handling facility, with the majority being exported to overseas markets.”

Find out more in this video piece:

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