Fully recyclable “hot desks” for 2030 Hub Liverpool

TCi recently installed ECO360® desks at Liverpool’s UN Local2030 Hub

As an opportunity to embrace a number of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, 2030hub invited TCi to provide ECO360® fully recyclable desks to their office expansion, creating a universal hot-desk area.

The robust and smart desks are constructed from corrugated cardboard with a transparent acrylic top and can be recycled easily when no longer required. They have been designed for long-term-temporary situations lasting from 2-10 years, such as construction site accommodation, rented office spaces, events and special projects.


The 2030hub is the world’s first UN recognised Local2030 Hub and aims to strengthen cities using the UN Sustainable Development Goals and was launched first in Liverpool in summer 2017.

In addition to their advisory and communications commercial mission the 2030hub offers flexible work-space which is made available by the day, month or longer through low-cost membership aimed at supporting impact organisations, for example, charities, social enterprises and B Corps. The city centre venue comprises office and work space and meeting rooms and is populated by a vibrant entrepreneurial community on a daily basis.

The 2030hub’s overarching social mission is to eliminate poverty, make economic growth inclusive and sustainable and to restore ecosystems in cities, all in alignment with the SDG global aspirations.

David Connor the 2030hub Founder shared:

“It was by chance we stumbled across TCi at the International Business Festival but the timing was perfect. We were looking for new desking but struggling to identify a supplier with sustainability credentials strong enough to align with the UN Global Goals. We can’t be happier with the desks and also the response our local community has to using them. We will need to order some more as we grow and hopefully taking a few with us when we begin to expand internationally.”

From Biosphere to World Heritage Site

We’re proud that ECO360® is manufactured in one of just 669 worldwide UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, so it’s great to deliver our fully recyclable and sustainable solution to Liverpool, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Liverpool’s Royal Albert Docks and surrounding area became one of the world’s major trading centres in the 18th and 19th centuries and played an important role in the growth of the British Empire and became the major port for the mass movement of people. Today, Liverpool is home to the International Slavery Museum, which is the only museum of its kind to look at aspects of historical and contemporary slavery as well as being an international hub for resources on human rights issues.

Learn more about ECO360® multi-functional, sustainable desk – a zero-waste-to-landfill solution to long-term-temporary and hot-desk office environments HERE

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