Site furniture management scheme saves waste at former New Scotland Yard

Contracted by Multiplex Ltd, TCi furniture WORKS carried out a challenging office move and installation at The Broadway in Westminster.

N.B. This is a pre-Covid-19 installation. TCi has since provided services to the client to help maintain social distancing measures. Multiplex has been the first to adopt our single-seat canteen units, amongst many other innovative measures.

The project included the installation of office and welfare furniture, alongside the removal, and re-use of desks and chairs previously supplied via TCi’s furniture cycle asset management scheme.

In order to carry out the project, there were a number of obstacles to overcome. Notably, that the site accommodation would be situated on a gantry, 30m above ground level and then separated across 5 floors.









Meeting Tables

Working with the client, TCi began a comprehensive space-planning operation to accommodate 152 workstations as well as locker room & canteen provisions for more than 250 site operatives. The 50 bay modular building had been constructed from units designed for a different project, so brought its own inherent issues to work around using an already dictated floorplan. A design was achieved that was able to meet the requirements whilst achieving best use of space to provide large, open plan offices and comfortable changing facilities.

Installation followed an in-depth site review and audit due to the complexity of the job. A 5 day operation included the closure of Dacre Street to allow for the shuttling of vehicles delivering consolidated consignments via FORS Silver transport. In collaboration with Multiplex, goods were lifted to all floors via a hoist assist which greatly reduced the schedule and helped to eliminate manual handling injuries.

Business Development Manager James Galliford said;

“It was great to be working alongside our client Multiplex to achieve an excellent outcome in a safe and efficient manner on this remarkable and historic site.”

The Broadway

Situated in the heart of the City of Westminster, The Broadway is a prominent mixed-use development located between Westminster and Victoria, directly adjacent St James Park Station.