Mesh baskets – ideal for social distancing on site

Solving the challenge of 2m separation in construction site locker rooms

The construction industry has been permitted by the government to continue operations during COVID-19 lockdown due to largely achievable distancing between workers when on site.

There are, however, certain pinch-points in the system where provisions for separation of operatives are not so obvious, potentially leading to a breakdown in effectiveness or loss of site efficiency. The locker room is one of these. Traditional mesh or steel lockers bring individuals into close proximity in an often crowded environment. The static units meaning that even with restricted numbers using the changing room at once, it is impossible to separate people successfully, and poses challenges to cleaning routines.

By using the numbered hanging basket/bench system, a totally managed process can be established to keep teams and operatives moving through a welfare facility, maintaining recommended social distancing and maximising site efficiency. By implementing staggered shift patterns, hanging baskets enable the same volume of operatives to be accommodated within the same allocation of space.

  • Easily create rotational queueing system with 2m distancing and regulate room numbers
  • Optimise shifts to make best use of changing room area
  • Minimise opportunities for contact between workers
  • Easy to clean changing areas

How the Hanging Basket System works:

Instead of having static lockers in large ranks with benches in between and the inherent inefficiencies of dead space within a changing room, the hanging basket system separates the storage and changing areas.

Numbered baskets are handed to an attendant in a ‘cloakroom’ arrangement and returned via the numbering system. Operatives can get changed at block benches, whilst hanging clothes on the basket frame. The block bench system is easy to clean and provides flexibility and capacity for large groups.

System features:

  • Numbered security
  • Rust resistant
  • Flexible layout options
  • Bespoke frame size to suit ceiling height
mesh-basket-system-for site-safety

 Space saving design

Standard Double Frame 3000mm x 1000mm  (40no Baskets) compared to 27no Standard Lockers in the same space

  • Operated system with Attendant
  • No padlocked lockers with no keys!
  • Approved by major UK Contractors

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